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Birthdate:Jun 6
Location:Texas, United States of America

in the process of working on this whole little thing.

i like...
a lot of things.

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8bc, absolut, act out, actual reality, antonioni, any passing fad, anything taboo, apathy, being an us, bertolucci, bisexuals, blowing off auntie em, bohemia, buddha, cage, carcinogens, carmina burana, causing a commotion, choice, compassion, creation, cunningham, curry vindaloo, days of inspiration, devotion, dildos, dylan, ecstasy, emotion, empathy, entropy, fashion, fight aids, fruits, german wine, gertrude stein, ginsberg, going against the grain, going insane, going mad, hallucinogens, hand crafted beers, hating convention, hating mom and dad, hating pretension, homo sapiens, huevos rancheros, instead of a them, it'sbetweengodandme, kurosawa, la vie boheme, langston hughes, leather, lenny bruce, local breweries, loving tension, making nothing something, marijuana, maya angelou, men, more than one dimension, mother earth, mucho masturbation, never playing, no absolutes, no pension, no shame, over the rainbow, pablo neruda, passion when it's new, pee wee herman, playing hooky, rice beans cheese, riding your bike, s&m, sodomy, sonheim, sontag, starving for attention, the fame game, the need to express, the sex pistols, the stage, the village voice, to communicate, trisexuals, turpentine, uta, vacation, vaclav havel, viva la vie, waiter waiter waiter, yoga, yogurt
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